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Gir Lion Safari

Sasan Gir which is worldwide known for its wildlife sanctuary & Sasan Gir National Park is spread over around 1.412 Km area. Explore the forest area while you enjoy the Gir Lion Safari which has more than 600 Asiatic Lions, 300+ migratory birds and different types of mammals & reptiles as well. So, experiencing the thrill of Lion safari is a must once in your lifetime.

Devalia Park Safari

Devalia safari park is a smaller area compared to Sasan Gir national park and it is also known as a natural reserve of Gir Safari National Park. Tourists can spot the wildlife creatures & birds in a relatively short time at cheaper rates compared to Gir National park. You can find maximum numbers of Asiatic Lions, Blue Bull, Sambhar, Chital Jackal, Etc.

Folk Music & Dance

Siddi community is an isolated & reclusive community that is spread along the coastal side of Gujarat. They are well known for their folk music & tribal dance called “Dhamal Dance”. Witnessing this performance is a great opportunity and the festivals are also held specially to perform this dance form and it is viewed with great awe.

Eco Jungle Walk

Sasan Gir forest is well known for the Asiatic Lions & it bestows a rich diversity of landscapes, rolling hills & gushing rivers to make it a beautiful place to explore. During the jungle walk you can observe the different tints & hues of Gir forest as it changes every season and offers you a different experience every time you visit.

Bird Watching

With the mountain area & widespread grasslands, Sasan Gir national park is the perfect place for bird watchers. You can find almost 350+ migratory bird varieties here. Vultures,ducks, kingfishers, storks, barbets, woodpeckers, cormorants, flycatchers & many other species can be seen.

Mountain Climbing

Explore the surrounding mountain area of Sasan Gir forest & Junagadh district while you go mountain hiking with your near & dear ones. Feel the thrill while you enjoy the beautiful surrounding nature all around you. If you want any guidance while going mountain climbing, our staff members will be happy to help you with any of your queries.

Jungle Cycling

Explore the beautiful forest area and the Sasan-Talala village track with so many obvious yet offbit surprises with the various landscapes, narrow – difficult roads and of course the thrill with excitement. The jungle of Sasan Gir will offer you a fascinating experience if you are going for jungle cycling.