Traveling to Sasan Gir and looking for the list of best places to visit in Sasan Gir??

Traveling to Sasan Gir and looking for the list of best places to visit in Sasan Gir?? We have got you covered here with a list of places to visit near Gir National Park. Satisfy your wanderlust with your loved ones while you roam around and explore the Gir forest safari.

Devalia Safari Park

14.3 KM
This Place Is The Best If You Want To Experience Wildlife Animals In Their Natural Habitat. This Place Is Also Known As The Gir Interpretation Zone- Devalia. It Is A Small Protected Area Of Gir Jungle Trail. This Place Is A Natural Reserve Of Gir Safari National Park. Gir Safari Online Booking Is The Easiest Way To Get The Permit Of This Amazing Park. At Cheaper Rates And In A Relatively Short Time, The Place Has Maximum Numbers Of Asiatic Lions, Blue Bull, Sambhar, Chital Jackal, Etc. Also, The Tourist Can Effortlessly Spot Rare Birds Like Peafowl And Vultures.

Kankai Mata Temple

27.5 KM
Situated deep in the heart of the Gir Forest, the Kankai Mata temple is steeped in legend, and is a major holy site for Hindu pilgrims.In the middle of the sanctuary, about 25 km from Sasan Gir, lies the Kankai Mata shrine. The temple is dedicated to Shri Kankeshwari Mataji or Shri Kankai Mataji. The goddess here is considered as the savior of the shepherds roaming about in the Gir forest. There is a lake nearby which is the gathering spot of numerous wild animals, and lions can often be spotted near this temple!

Jamjir Waterfall

38.1 KM
Jamjir Waterfalls also known as “Zamzeer Waterfalls” and is located in the village Jamvala (Gir) of Gir Somnath District in the state of Gujarat. Jamvala is a very famous village for the three things namely Peda, Kesar Mango & Waterfalls. The falls is near Kodinar, the nearest town. Jamjir Waterfall Jamvala is located along the Shingada River. Jamjir Waterfall Jamvala is famous for its beautiful waterfall which you cannot find high as it is only just 30 to 40 feet high from the ground.

Kamleshwar Dam

13.2 KM
The Kamleshwar Dam is a rocky mound situated on the Hiran River in Visavadar in the state of Gujarat. It particularly falls in Talala taluka of Gir Somnath district. Kamleshwar Dam is a classic dam on the river Hiran and is formally known as the Hiran-I Dam. The Dam is situated inside the Sasan-Gir National Park in the western part of the forest in its very center. You can visit the Kamleshwar Dam during one of your wildlife safari rides.


38.6 KM
The intricately carved honey-coloured Somnath temple on the western edge of the state is believed to be the place where the first of the twelve holy jyotirlingas emerged in India – a spot where Shiva appeared as a fiery column of light. The present form was reconstructed in 1951. Colorful dioramas of the Shiva story line the north side of the temple garden, though it’s hard to see them through the hazy glass. A one-hour sound-and-light show in Amitabh Bachchan’s baritone highlights the temple nightly at 7.45pm.

Tulsi shyam

93.4 KM
Tulsi Shyam Temple is a tourist center that is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Situated in the Una sub-district of the Junagadh District, the temple is found in the center of Gir and lies about 30 km from the Una Town. Known peculiarly for its great scenic beauty, the temple has beautiful hot water springs which are referred to as ‘Taptodak’ in the Puranas. Legend says that Lord Shri Krishna killed the demon named Tul and hence the place is associated with his name along with the name of Krishna as Shyama and is hence called the Tulsi Shyam Temple.

Bhalka Tirth Temple

35.4 KM
Bhalka Tirtha is the place where Krishna was killed by an arrow shot by a hunter named Jara. Bhalka Teerth is one of the most magnificent temples of Somnath city. The temple at Bhalka Tirth is known as Mahaprabhuji’s Bethak, and a tulsi tree has been planted in Lord Krishna’s honor. Banyan trees dot the courtyard of the spectacular Krishna temple that is built in sandstone. Inside the shrine is an unusual idol of Shri Krishna in a semi-reclining position. The temple also contains a beautiful tribhangi idol of Lord Krishna playing his flute.